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Thank You ❤

The year 2022 brought many challenges, uncertainty, and some feeling of despair, but with it came growth, inspiring people who are devoted to their mission, passion, and support to our vision of transforming people's lives. with #mentalhealthteam Fully volunteering projects, spread out wide across Poland, Ukraine, Germany, France & Israel, with volunteers worldwide.

Thanks to each and every one of you, more than 200 Ukrainian families received a safe haven and mental health care in Poland. 

Here are some client answers, on how therapy with Adam changed your life for the better.

​*The photos and names are for illustration purposes only, and to keep the real identity of clients safe.

Blond Woman Smiling

Daria, 25

Thank you so much, I can't thank you enough for these sessions.
I'm so happy and at ease, I was so nervous at the beginning and not long after, now got used to feeling this new me, the real me. 

what's mind-blowing about Adam's line of therapy is the obvious little things that I've learned to do for myself like taking a cold shower, relaxing music, and doing the breathing exercise, which once I practiced them daily, it's then became easier to use in moments of real need.

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