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Adam Magaziner is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, providing the clinical help and the tools you need to reach your goals. Be it an addiction or trauma you’re struggling with, or a new milestone you want to achieve, you’ll notice a difference after only a few sessions. Reach out today for more information or to set up an appointment.

About Adam...

Adam Magaziner is a certified therapist and coach, with extensive education in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, Neuro-triggers, altered states of mind (The silva model), Personality transformation, Human behavioral biology, CBT, Mindfulness, and Non-violent communication.
Realizing his professional & academic studies in worldwide known educational institutions like Stanford, Uni. of Toronto, The CTAA The Commission Therapists Accredited Association, and the Open University of Israel


​He was born in Israel and was raised by Russian Jewish immigrant parents, extending a lasting dynasty of teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, and military generals.

The first 21 years of his life were full of "tragedies", from "Pertes" the severe bone disease at the age of 3, to physical & mental abusive childhood, school bullying, and social ostracism. leading him to join a criminal gang group at a very young age (13), while conducting a dangerous lifestyle. later on, he joined the army in Israel, a period full of challenges, and yet the biggest one was exposed years later, as he was suffering from war PTSD, resulting in him beginning his early adult life at age 24 with a full range scope of traumas, including ADHD, Bi-polar affinities, and intense depressive potential - this is a rare situation of a person's suffering from COMPLEX PTSD and emotional neglect.

​Adam started his professional journey in the realm of consultancy in business development, sales, and performance, later realizing the true gift of therapy and how he can help others with guidance, mentoring, consulting, coaching, and therapy as a holistic approach, consisting of more than 9 years of experience and passion to serving people, worldwide.

He has been highly recognized for his contributions to social development activism and youth development, as he coined the AUCU ideology - Accept the Unchangeable, Change the unacceptable. especially for youth-at-risk and mentally ill teen communities in Israel. 

Various social volunteering activities, among them, supporting more than 10 different NGOs in the war in Ukraine, as Coordinator of mental health care, EPFA - Emergency Psychotherapy First Aid for refugees, Rescue, and operational training.   

He's an aspiring author, working on his first book & autobiography, hosting the Adam Magaziner Podcast with the aim to educate young people, men and women all over the world on personal growth, and mental health, in his unique flavor and tone.

My life's mission is to guide us to embrace our imperfections, rediscover empathy, unleash our higher selves, and serve as many people as possible, in personal transformation.

I love you, and thank you for reading, I can't wait to meet you on the other side :)

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